UKS offers 2 years Full time PGDM in Finance in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
If you’ve decided on finance as a specialization you would choose for your PGDM. Let’s get a basic understanding of what would be included and what are possible career paths to choose from.

PGDM in Finance in Mumbai from UKS | Overview

UKS offers 2 years Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) approved by ACITE & DTE with specialization in Marketing, Finance and HR

The course has been designed with the following objectives

  1. Prepare the students for good placement & to be successful professionals
  2. Overall development of personality- Physical, Mental & Spiritual
  3. To provide a strong Business Management orientation to students focusing on enhancing :
  •    Ability & Will to Create
  •    Ability & Will to Plan
  •    Ability & Will to Act
  •    Ability & Will to Lead

Here’s a quick overview to have a better understanding on PGDM in Finance.
PGDM with specialization in Finance:
A PGDM in finance allows you to be prepared for senior level and management careers in the financial sector, with the course focusing on management, communications, business leadership and overall organizational behavior. Generally, a PGDM in finance exposes you to leadership positions in the financial sector. Not to mention the vast growth opportunity it brings with it.

Scope and Career Opportunities.

With UKS’s PGDM in Finance in Mumbai, you would have a number of career opportunities. It is straight as Finance is broad. There are various opportunities open for a finance student and the need is on the rise. You can choose a wide range of job opportunities after your Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management. Here are few listed below:

  • Account Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Analyst
  • Tax Consultant

To understand which role best describes you, try to understand your future goals and where you want to head in your future.

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