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Welcome to Bunts Sangha’s Uma Krishna
Shetty Institute Of Management Studies &

Bunts Sangha established in 1927 is a socio-cultural organization of Bunts community of Mumbai and endeavors to promote Socioeconomic, cultural and educational aspects of its members. A community dedicated to the welfare not only of its own people but also the society at large. The Bunts Sangha Group is a pioneer in the field of education and its foray extends back to over five decades for business management degree courses in kurla.

The Sangha established two night schools for needy children as early as 1950. These night schools have produced thousands of excellent students and some of them have gone on to become distinguished industrialists, bankers, lawyers, doctors and chartered accountants. The SM Shetty School and Jr. College established in 1998 now imparts education to almost 3000 students every year.

The Bunts Sangha aptly realized the need and importance of the Best PGDM institution for Higher Education. Hence, in its Platinum jubilee celebrations in 2003 the Sangha decided to establish PGDM Colleges in India for the needy students of Mumbai to study. The Higher Education Project Education Complex at Kurla now hosts a variety of courses like BMS, BSc.I.T., BSc. Hospitality Studies, BMM, B.Com Accounts & Finance and B.Com Banking & Insurance with about 2000+ students. Today the Sangha has established the Best Management College in Mumbai under the name of UKS Institute of Management Studies Research with the approval of the AICTE.


Our greatest advantage is our faculty. As the Best Management College in Mumbai, we have a world-class collection of teachers whose experience and practical method of imparting education produce ideas and leaders that shape the world of business. In addition to these faculties, we have lectures delivered by entrepreneurs and accomplished Corporate executives. Being one of the Best PGDM institution, we also engage special guest faculties for lectures to give students, the much needed variety from teacher’s perspective.

UKS has a state of the art infrastructure, a 1000 seater auditorium, two 500 seater mini-auditoriums, hostel facilities for boys and girls, banking facilities, Hi-tech air conditioned, Wi-Fi enabled classrooms, library with 2000 plus books, 37 journals & the E-journal “EBSCO”, training and discussion rooms and even an inbuilt posh restaurant to support its student Canteen.

The main aim of Uma Krishna Shetty Institute of Management Studies and Research is to provide “holistic education’ which would develop the overall personality of the students. We believe in giving equal importance to extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The academic year begins with a Fresher’s party.

the Nation’s future

We had a vision of the future of business and the challenging times that lay ahead for aspiring business professionals and the Institutions that trained them. We realized that the global business environment has become so much more complex.

UKS Faculty

Meet the great team behind UKS who takes up challenges and provide the best guidance to you.

Our team of management experts come here from every corner to teach and to bring their knowledge to the table with you. All the work behind to ensure that you get the best and UKS remains an institute with the best faculty for management studies in Mumbai



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