Why UKS?


Management Institutes in India face numerous challenges amidst abundant opportunities. The conventional MBA needs a radical rethinking to make it relevant to both, students who come in and the industry that employs them.


Managers don’t face problems that come neatly packaged as a ‘finance’ problem or a ‘marketing problem; most problems and decisions are complex and touch various functional areas. The best B-schools today are increasingly designing courses that attempt to integrate or “blend” various functional areas.


Our greatest advantage is our faculty. We have a world-class collection of teachers whose experience and practical method of imparting education produce ideas and leaders that shape the world of business. In addition to these faculties we have lectures delivered by entrepreneurs and accomplished Corporate executives. The institute engages special guest faculties for lectures to give the students the much needed variety from the teacher’s perspective.


At UKS, we strive to develop leaders who embrace the complexity of doing business today, who are decisive despite the uncertainty, and who can foster the Commitment of their employees, partners and other stakeholders. Basically, our approach is to help prepare today’s MBA student to think, act and lead in the Cross-functional way now required for business success.


We at UKS train the students to develop their Will and to tap their inherent abilities in order to Create, Plan, Act and Lead the Country into a better tomorrow. We focus on nurturing our students as dynamic managers and future global leaders.


We invite you to experience the difference of UKS Institute of Management Studies and Research. Have a great learning time.

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