Director’s Message

Director’s Message


Education at a Business school is far more about the journey than destination. There is always an increasing demand for Skilled Managers in any organization. Only skilled people can tackle the difficult demands of all kinds by their training and energy. Some very important skills of a successful manager include skills in decision-making, financial analysis, out-of-the box thinking and most importantly, the ability to maintain pleasant interpersonal relationships.

Thus professional management training programs are focusing on creating a meaningful premise so that people can learn and sharpen their managerial skills within it. MBA programs teach the management students how to theoretically solve many business related problems that can arise in the day to day corporate environment. MBA thus has become an imperative need if a person wants to rise in his field. It is a common requirement now for all Professionals, especially for those who want to sharpen their skills to become valued and get more rewards in terms of finance and reputation.

Management Institutes in India face numerous challenges amidst abundant opportunities. The conventional MBA needs a radical rethinking to make it relevant to both, students who come in and the industry that employs them. Managers don’t face problems that come neatly packaged as a ‘finance’ problem or a ‘marketing’ problem; most problems and decisions are complex and touch various functional areas. The best B-schools today are increasingly designing courses that attempt to integrate or ‘blend’ various functional areas.

UKS is a market ready business school, which will produce students with analytical abilities and abilities to solve real business problems. Our students will be sensitized to the changing and challenging dynamics of global environment, ethics and social responsibility so that they can become better citizens of the modern world. We at UKS train the students to develop their Will and to tap their inherent abilities in order to Create, Plan, Act and Lead the country into a better tomorrow. We focus on nurturing our students as dynamic managers and future global leaders.

At UKS, all our efforts are towards grooming student with these qualities and skill sets. This has been ensured by creating an innovative management education model, which would help students self-actualize their potential to the highest, so as to guarantee their employability and growth. Above all, UKS has to establish its position in management education and arena and focus on developing leaders with character, integrity and empathy.

We invite you to experience the difference at Bunts Sangha’s UKS Institute of Management Studies and Research. Have a great learning time.

Dr. Krishna Shetty